09 March 2012

The Things that I love about Silas

I love both of my boys so much, and narrowing down the reasons why is an impossible task, but I'm going to try.  I'm going to start with my dear, sweet Silas. He is just at that stage right now where I can't get enough of him.  He can be a total rotter, and I still just want to scoop him up and love him.

He is so different from Eli, in looks and personality.  Jared and I always go back and forth about where he gets what from (although there can be no denying where he gets his good looks from, can there?)   He is just so independent, and while he thinks his big brother is about the greatest thing on earth, he has no problem telling Eli what's up if he's been short handed in anything.  Unlike Eli, he is completely happy to play on his own, talking to himself and making a mess.  If he wants something, he quietly goes about getting it all by himself. 

Yesterday I hadn't heard him for a while, so I wandered the house (doesn't take long) and found him up on the kitchen counter (he pulled a stool from the table in to get up) with a banana peel next to him, a half eaten apple between his legs, a handful of raisins and a huge grin on his face.  I may not win mother of the year for not caring that he was sitting next to the oven and toaster (neither were on), but man, he wins something.  He will eat anything and can honestly out eat every one of us (he gets that from Jared.)  We made peanut butter cookies the other night and when they were cooled we sat down to eat them. I gave each boy one cookie and a small glass of milk. I served myself two cookies and milk.  Eli asked why I got two, and I answered that I was eating for me and the baby.  Silas said, "Me no cookie for my baby?!" with a sly grin. 

While Silas has been talking for a long while now, just in the last week or two he has really started to converse.  He tells stories, demands attention, and when he doesn't know the words, he uses sound effects.  This is possibly my favourite thing about him right now.  While he's talking you will catch a "whoosh" or a "bing" and sometimes even a "kapow!"  He will yell "no way, jose" if he doesn't want to do something, or just completely ignore you (which Jared says he gets from me.) The other morning he woke me up a few minutes earlier than usual saying "Baby kickin', baby kickin'."  He had been cuddling up against me, so I assumed he had felt the baby moving inside of me.  "NO!  My baby kickin'!"  Then he grabbed my hand and put it against his chest, where I could feel his little heart beating hard.  "My baby kickin'!"

Silas is officially potty trained (well, almost...)  The task took and unexpectedly long time, seeing as it took three days to train Eli at 22 months.  But, he's done it, and just in time. I really didn't want to be changing two kids' diapers.  He just doesn't have that drive to please that his brother has.  If he didn't want to go in the potty, then he dang well wasn't going to.  He is his own man in every way. 

Silas is not easily shaken.  He can fall, roll, bump into, or crash, and will get up and keep on going without much complaint.  He usually doesn't notice, and more often doesn't care what others are doing around him.  Although, in the moments when he does, he is sure to express his indignation if he is not being involved.

My boy loves to cuddle, with me anyway.  When he crawls into bed with me, which he does every night still, he likes to fall asleep facing my face with one arm under my neck and the other around my head.

I could really go on and on and on, but you get the point.  This kid is the best!


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