13 February 2012

The Posts in my Head

Rude that none of you have been commenting on all the posts I haven't posted.  I know my blogging has been dismal of late, but I've got other things on my mind: growing a baby to be exact.  Not surprisingly, pregnancy thoughts, birth thoughts, and baby thoughts are dominating my every moment these days. 

I've continued to knit/crochet like crazy.  Today I have two little gift sweaters for other pregnant mommies to finish up.  I'm desperately trying to finish the blessing gown that I started when I was pregnant with Eli.  If this is a girl, she'll need one when Jared blesses her in church. It happens to be the most boring crochet project on the face of this planet, although the results are nice.  I'm giving myself two weeks of steady work, and then it will be complete. I'd love to get my bedroom organized, the garage cleaned, and a few other final "moving in" things done before the baby comes, because I'm well aware it won't happen any time soon after the baby is here.  I've still got to buy a car seat, diapers, a birth tub among other things. I've actually gone through my girl clothes and pulled out the few newborn girl things I've bought on sale through the years.  It is sitting out so that if this bump happens to be a girl bump we can throw it in the wash and she can have something dainty to wear.

The boys are getting into this whole baby thing. This morning, when Silas and I woke up (my early riser), the first thing he did was touch my stomach and say, "Hi Baby, it wake up time!"  Eli is thoroughly interested in the exit of babies. I've told him how he came out (via cesarean section), compared to how Silas entered the world, and how I plan on this baby coming. He constantly asks questions about it: "What kind of animal are penguins?  How do they have babies?  What about snakes, do their babies have to be cut out?  And cows, do their babies get cut out?"  I try to keep my stories of his birth positive and let him know that even though I want my other babies to come out differently than he did, being "cut out" was a good thing for him and something I'm happy exists so that he could come to me safely.  I'm excited to have my boys there for my birth to see how peaceful and wonderful welcoming a baby into the world can be. I know that's not for everyone, but I'm thrilled to be having a homebirth so that it can be for me.

In other news, we have officially decided to not put Eli in Kindergarten next year. We will begin homeschooling him.  All the reasons why will surely fill a whole other blog post, but know that I am excited and glad I don't have to send him out every day just yet.


  1. oh my heck, i forgot that they are kindergarden age next yr!!! how did that happen?
    im so excited for your baby!!

  2. I watched Michelle Duggar give birth on one episode and it was an amazingly sweet experience...of course she WOULD be sweet even during childbirth. I thought to myself "I am going to give birth like her!" nothing dramatic, just very controlled and...sweet.
    Um. Well, not so much... he was 42 weeks...large and posterior. I heard myself screaming (profanities) and thought...how very anti-michelle of me. For that reason...my children are not invited to the birth. Though I wish I could guarantee a serene and non traumatizing experience for them because the thought is lovely.

  3. You already are homeschooling him. Just sayin'.


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