27 February 2012

I've got a nest, now to nest!

Seriously, at 33 weeks pregnant I should have this undeniable urge to deep clean, shouldn't I? Well, I am so tired and unmotivated, that I am seriously worried that this nest of mine is going to remain in total disarray forever.  Today I made myself dig out my newborn diapers to wash. I even emptied a drawer in my dresser to fill with the clean diapers. 

I've looked at my clothes bins, but not gone through them to find the newborn clothes and wash them.  I have a whole box of receiving blankets and baby wraps that also need to find their way to the laundry.  And that's totally ignoring the load of clothes from the four of us on the outside that remain unwashed. 

In three weeks I have a home visit with my midwives, where I'm supposed to have a whole list of things ready for them to go through for our homebirth.  I've looked at my birth bins numerous times, but have yet to crack them open.  Since I've yet to actually have a homebirth, and so therefore have used very little of my homebirth supplies, I'm pretty sure I'm stocked. 

But, my baseboards are dirty.  I need to clean my baseboards.  And I'd like to do some dehydrating and food prep for after the baby is born.  I've still got a handful of baby things I want to sew/knit/make.  I haven't seen my horses in weeks, even though I promised myself to keep up riding until the end (last time I rode my belly kept hitting the horn and it wasn't very comfortable.) 

So, where is it?  The nesting instinct that I'm supposed to be overcome with?  The burst of energy to get all this stuff done?  Luckily Jared is the best husband in the entire world and has done a lot of the stuff I don't have the energy for.  This weekend he installed hooks and shelves in our otherwise storage-less bathrooms. He set up a shelf in the basement for all our linens which have been siting in a corner of our bedroom since we moved in.  He didn't even complain when I took over a little more of his closet space.   So, here I sit waiting for the elusive nesting instinct to kick in.  If anyone else is feeling it, feel free to come over.


  1. Last time I was expecting a baby I too felt the "nesting" urge and noticed every little spec of dust in what by the end was surely a wholly contaminated environment to bring a little baby into...still I lacked any desire to actually DO anything. The week before my due date...a freezer full of store bought convenience meals and a cleaning lady for the morning proved to be just the kick I needed to do the last of what I needed to....With a little help, everything was set for baby. The area between what babies actually need and what you want done is pretty wide! Don't be too hard on yourself:)

  2. Sometimes you never get it, other times when people do it's not until the very very end. :)

  3. I don't really get it, except I LOVE washing the baby clothes and getting them ready. But I do that at about 6 months.

  4. Just open the box of baby things and take a deep breath. I can still smell that amazingly wonderful newborn smell. The nesting instinct will do it's thing, even if it is only to make you just sit there and enjoy the smell.


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