23 February 2012

Busy Bag Bonanza

So, in an attempt to get some crafty things done (besides knitting) before this baby comes, I am hosting a Busy Bag Bonanza in a few weeks.  Basically, every person comes with enough supplies to make one of the same busy bag for each of the other guests.  That way each momma will leave with as many different busy bags as there are people at the party.  I already have 11 people confirmed coming, so I should be stocked!  I figure busy bags will be perfect in those weeks after the bean within is born.

I've been asked what a busy bag is, and basically it is a small craft/activity contained in a bag, ready to be brought out to entertain kids at a moment's notice.  I think it will be great to have one or two in my diaper bag, and bring a few to church each week.  I'm excited to see what other mommas come up with, but as I've been searching, here are a bunch that I think are fantastic:

There are seriously so many more out there, but these are a few that are inspiring me. I could go on, and on, and on. Here's a link to my ever growing board on Pinterest devoted just to busy bags.  I'm liking the more educational ones: colour matching, counting, letter matching, etc. I also, no surprise, like anything made with felt.  I love felt.

So, here's to the Busy Bag Bonanza!  If you live near me, and you'd like to partake, join us on facebook:
Busy Bag Bonanza!

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