10 February 2011

Finally they are earning their keep!

Today we had some work to do on the house we are renovating, and no one to watch the boys, so we brought them along and put them to work!  That's right folks, you're never too young to pick up a paint brush and put in a few hours of good hard physical labour!

Somehow Silas knew just what to do with the paint roller.  Yes, he is wearing a sleeper, don't judge me.  We don't have a lot of 'paint clothes' around for our 16-month-old, so old hand-me-down sleeper it is!  He was in heaven, and didn't even realize he had no paint (or actual roller, for that matter). 

Eli, on the other hand, could not be fooled.  He wanted to help, and he wanted real paint.  I was a little nervous, letting him at it, but figured there wasn't much damage he could do, so I gave him a paint brush and some paint and let him at the baseboards.  He was a champ, almost helpful, and extremely proud of himself. 

 Once Jared's power tools came out, however, the monotony of brush painting could not hold Eli's attention any longer.  He quickly left me to the floor boards and joined Jared in changing up the hardware in the bathroom, wielding the drill all by himself.  And don't worry all, the pink toilet has stayed: nothing could convince us to get rid of that beauty!

The renos are coming along quite nicely, especially with the boys' help.  Soon the house will be complete and beautiful, and we will still be living in my parents' basement.


  1. Cute! And you didn't call and ask me!!!

  2. Yes! Too Cute! Plus Jared with Silas on his back is great!


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