23 February 2011

"Did you ever have your likeness taken?"

I feel like reading Jane Austen today.  I'm too busy to read the funnies in the paper, let alone Jane Austen.  Sad for me.  I often wish that I were more refined, that I could spend my day taking walks in the garden. Sitting, with perfect posture, doing needlepoint. Organizing dinner parties.  Why does she portray such a life as so glamorous and wonderful?  I want it!

Eli is developing his skills in order to become a proper gentleman.  He has taken to, lately, drawing true likenesses of people.  Is it wrong to want to keep each and every thing he draws?  He is amazing, honestly.

And, just as Mr. Elton said of Emma's likeness of Harriet: "I never saw such a likeness!"  It's true, this is Facebook profile picture worthy!  Not that his art needs explanation, but just in case you are not as artistically inclined as my sweet boy, this is a picture of me riding my horse, Natasha.
He asked, "Mommy, how many arms do horses have."
"They have four legs."
"Is that four?"
"No, that's six."
"I don't matter about that, Mommy."
Please note my favourite features: the horse's carrot-like nose, my bowed legs, my giant hands with a dozen fingers on each one, and the fact that the horse and I are both wearing cowboy hats. 

I'm thinking of opening up a booth at the mall where people can pay us for Eli to quickly draw a picture of them.  His abilities are so sharp that he didn't even need a picture of the horse, he just knew what she looked like.  So, in your next family picture someone is missing, send it Eli's way and he will just draw in your brother on a mission, or your sister who had to work late, or even the dead family dog... especially the dead family dog!


  1. Haha, that actually is a very impressive picture! Cohen could learn a thing or two from Eli. He will NOT sit down and draw....like EVER unless I can somehow trick him.

    P.S. I'm reading my first Jane Austen book right now! Pride and Prejudice...so good!

  2. Take a Jane day. Just sit down and read.
    Lindsay - my favourite book EVER!!!

  3. jen, so cute. love it when they start to draw! and i could totally tell it was you on that horse!

  4. Hello Jenny, you have 2 legs and the horse has 4. In this picture your legs are just REALLY long :)


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