02 May 2010

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home!

At our church the kids 18 months to 3 years meet in Nursery every week. In my ward I am responsible for the Nursery program.  We are supposed to provide a healthy snack each week, and until now it has consisted of stale, sugar-full animal crackers and hard, really old raisins.  Not so awesome.

I got this brilliant idea from my friend Heidi.  Best Nursery snack EVER!!!  It was such a hit, and I didn't feel guilty serving it to the little ones.  The problem is, how do I now beat it?  Impossible!


  1. Pretty much anything on a stick is a huge hit at our nursery! Or mini muffins.

  2. Ingredients
    2 round crackers
    What an adorable idea!! I love it!! :)

    I don't think this will top that but if you are looking for another bug for the kids to munch on, this one looked kind of cute!

    Pretzel Spiders!! :)

    2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter
    8 small pretzel sticks
    2 raisins

    Make a sandwich of the crackers filled with peanut butter. Insert eight pretzel "legs" into the filling. With a dab of peanut butter, stick two raisin eyes on top. Makes 1 serving.


  3. this is so cute! i really hope that you will make them for the next fam gettogether.

  4. Ok so cute! There are also Strawberry mice!!! :)


  5. Thanks Jenny, you are sweet. I wish I could say it was an original idea, but as Sierra has pointed out, I got it from familyfun. That is where a lot of my inspiration comes from :) Glad it was a hit though.

  6. What is the recipe for this?

  7. This one is super easy. The base is just a honeydew melon scooped out with a melon scoop. The ladybugs are strawberries cut in half with mini chocolate chips pushed in and grapes attached with toothpicks. Thanks for asking.


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