01 May 2010

I ALMOST Ran a Marathon

Okay, so it wasn't a Marathon, it was a race.  Alright, it wasn't a race, it was a "Fun Run."  And I wasn't actually going to run, but walk.  But, Fun Run kind of rhymes with Marathon, and since I didn't actually end up doing it, I can call it whatever I want!

Today my family is running in the Blackfalds, Alberta Fun Run.  Until last night, I was set to participate. However, we are renovating our home, and are down to the wire, so I need to stay home and paint while everyone else wins the race.  I did send Eli with my folks (with his Lightning McQueen underpants on, for good luck) and think he's going to shine! 

Despite my absence from the race, I did manage to send off some medals for the racers.  Yesterday Eli and I whipped up these little gems:

They were fun to make and super easy.  Eli helped, with a little trampoline jumping break.  I may not be there to see them win it, but my 9 nieces and nephews and Eli are going to be big winners this morning!

Making the cookies.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip, with Skor pieces.

Break time. (This medal making is hard work!)

Wrap 'em in tin foil, with a hot glue gun glue on a ribbon, and there you have it!  I even sent the rest of the cookies along for the adult marathon runners.  I hope they are enjoyed!


  1. Cute medals! Sad you had to miss your marathon, though. :) Did you know that EVERY single race in Fort McMurray falls on a Sunday? Marathons and Fun Runs included. I can't find anything I can do. I'm dying here!

  2. your too buisy to run, but not too buisy to blog today.... we had fun. wish you could have come. the medals were super cute, and everyone loved them. if i had known there were score pieces in them, i would have stolen marlies, or just eaten all the crumbs that were left on the kitchen floor.

  3. I can't please you, can I Shann?! First I don't update enough, and now I update too much. Rude!
    I'm glad the medals were a hit. Don't worry about the cookies, they actually weren't that good. They did the trick though, and that's what counts.


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