22 May 2010

The Fireworks Begin Today!

In the summer of 2003 I wrote in my journal something to the effect of:

"Tonight I hung out at David Lancaster's.  His roommate is Jared Wiebe, a boy from the youth dances.  
He wants to be a lawyer.  I think I will marry him."

Well, it's been 7 years, but he's there!!!  Today, my darling husband, graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School with a Juris Doctorate.  That's right folks, I married my lawyer!


  1. Congratulations to your whole little family! What an exciting day! Now real life begins. :) Good luck!

  2. Jenny- you're pretty... I am so happy for you and super excited for the next week!

  3. YAYYYYY!!!!!! Congratulations Jared!!! :)

  4. YAY!!! This actually brought tears to my eyes. I remember when Daddy graduated. I was 7, and I remember how excited Mom was! Yay Jared!!!

  5. congrats guys!!! that is a VERY exctiing day!

  6. Yeah Jared!!! I cannot wait till I can post something like this on my wall... maybe a couple years down the road. I agree with Alice, it brought tears to my eyes too. I was thinking about all the fun times we had in Michigan. I love you guys! btw Jenny, that dress is really cute!


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