03 March 2015

Elwood - A Knitting Pattern

I keep thinking I should be knitting things for me: after all, my kids don't really appreciate the time and effort involved in designing and knitting a sweater (let's be honest, they couldn't care less if I put them in a dirty sweatshirt every day of the week.) But, when I pick up my needles all I can think of is darling designs for them. And so, the stitches turn into rows, and the rows turn into whole little sweaters, and this boy is dressed in hand knit goodness yet again!

Here's Elwood (the sweater, not the boy.) It's a very simple raglan sweater, but with bold stripes and a textured collar, it provides all the makings of the perfect old man sweater!  My Grandpa Elwood would have rocked this sweater!

And, the most fantastic thing about this design is that I sized it from 6 months to adult XL, so you can knit it for everyone! As usual, I'm blown away by other knitters projects.  Check out all the amazing sweaters being knit:

This pattern can be yours for only $5.50.  So, go ahead and buy it. Buy it now!


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