04 March 2015

Little Old Man Collection - Knitting Patterns

As evidenced by my last post, I have a thing for old man sweaters.  I could dress my boys in them every day of the week if they'd let me.  I've designed enough now to dress each of my boys in a different Old Man Sweater.  I can also bundle all the patterns up into a nice little bundle and offer them to knitters at a fantastic price!  Here they are: Elwood, Grow Old With Me, Calaway and The Afternoon Knows

And, because I'm excited about all of them, and because I love offering a good deal to knitters everywhere, if you purchase The Little Old Man Collection before March 15, 2015, you can get it for only $10!  You can head over to Ravelry and purchase it there, or you can buy it right here, right now:


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