14 January 2015

Calaway - A Knitting Pattern

When I'm out and about and see cute sweaters, sometimes I become a little bit of a creeper. Seriously. Like this one time when I was at Calaway park and I saw this little girl in the most darling red sweater, and I followed her around for long enough to determine the stitch pattern...  Ya, like that.

Anyway, turns out I put my creeping to good use.  

Introducing my newest knitting pattern: Calaway!

Um, first of all, is my little nephew not the cutest thing EVER?!? Seriously.

 But check out the sweater!  Darling, eh?   The cable pattern on the front is really easy. It's knit top down and is totally seamless.  And, I've sized it from 6 months to 12 years, so whomever is on your knit worthy list, you can make this one for them!It doesn't get much better than that! And, the whole pattern can be yours for just $5.50!  That's right folks. So go ahead, plunge in, 


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