16 October 2014

Chicken Fajita Joy

I'm no food blogger, I promise, but I love me some easy, fast meals that will feed the crowd that is my family.  It feels like over the last year I have suddenly acquired two horses that eat their weight at the dinner table.  So, with four eating like adults, I am always searching for good, quick, filling meals.

This one turned out good. It doesn't have a name, because I made it up out of the contents of my refrigerator, so I shall call it Chicken Fajita Joy, because it brings me joy to be done dinner with full, happy children.  I'm blogging it because I want to remember what I did. I don't follow recipes well. Sometimes I see a picture of something on Pinterest, realize I don't have half the ingredients for said goodness in my kitchen, so just wing it. Most nights I forgo the Pinterest step and just make it up from the start. Usually it turns out okay, as long as no baking is involved.

First, I made 3 cups of brown rice.  I always add a few cups of bone broth to my rice for all the nutritious goodness it holds. (I make the bone broth after I cook whole chickens and freeze it in ziplocks for such occasions.)

While the rice was cooking I laid out 4 chicken breasts in a pan.  On top, I sprinkled a liberal amount of my own fajita spice mix. The chicken breasts were frozen, otherwise I would have diced them and mixed them up with the spice. I just diced the chicken after it was cooked in this instance. It turned out just fine.

And, on top of the chicken went sliced peppers and onion, and then some more fajita spice (I like it spicy.)

And, only because I had a tiny amount of leftover cheese in my fridge, I grated and sprinkled that over the mix. We try to avoid dairy as much as we can, but I figured using it up would spare me from irresistible late night grilled cheese sandwich blitzes, so it was worth it.

And then I baked it at 350 degrees for about an hour (actually, until Jared walked through the door and I remembered I had actually put dinner in the oven.)

I cut up the chicken and then served the entire thing on the rice with salsa and sour cream (which in our house is actually just plain yogurt.)  It was super easy, maybe 15 minute actual prep time, and completely delish.

For those who want to know, I make a few spice mixes myself, like the fajita mix, and just leave them in jars. I like to know whats in, or rather, what's not in, my spices.  I put the "recipe" on the lid so that I can always recreate.  Here's the recipe for this fajita mix:


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