03 November 2014

The Suit that wouldn't Knit Itself

When I was pregnant with Eli I began crocheting a blessing dress for the much anticipated Baby Blessing that all children in our church receive shortly after they are born. Of course, when Eli was born a boy we realized that he would look much better in a suit than a lacy dress (which was okay, since I had only gotten about 10% done by the time he was born.) So, my lovely sister-in-law, Renee, made me a darling little suit out of the leftover fabric from my wedding dress. It was cute. He was cute. All was happy.

When I was pregnant with Silas I worked a little more on the blessing dress, but again did not get it complete by the time he was born. When he came out a he, I called upon the mad sewing skills of Renee again.  The suit she had made for my tiny little Eli, who was blessed at 6 weeks did not fit my monstrous Silas, who was blessed at 3 months. 

When I was pregnant with Atticus, I got awfully close to finishing the dress.  But, he came out a he as well. So, having made Eli and Silas each their own, Atticus naturally needed one as well.  Enter Renee, and a blessing outfit was made for sweet Atticus as well. Here's the dress (which, incidentally, won the Best In Class Ribbon at the Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Craft Show): 

Well, seeing as I'm not sure if I will ever have a girl, and not one of my boys have worn anything of my own making, when Machen came out a he I decided I needed to make something for him.  I should have known, seeing as it took me 5 years to make the blessing dress, that this would be no small endeavour, but I dove in anyway. And, after two months of knitting ferociously, I did in fact finish a blessing suit for my sweet Mac.   Isn't he the sweetest thing?!?

The pattern is a Dale of Norway design, from a pamphlet I bought off Ebay.  I used MadTosh Lace, and teeny, tiny needles (size 0 and size 1), so it was basically like knitting with spider webs. Actually, if I consider the stitch count, I probably could have knit Jared an entire outfit of his own with worsted weight yarn - not something I would EVER consider doing.  I posted all about it on my Ravelry page, so feel free to jaunt over their and take a look: jennyvangy's Blessing Suit


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