25 April 2012

Madly in Love!

I just thought you'd like to know that I'm deeply, madly, entirely in love. 

This little man has won my heart over:

No, he doesn't have a name yet, but that doesn't stop us from thinking he's just about perfect.  Silas covers him with kisses every chance he gets, and Eli insists on holding him whenever he can.

They change so quickly, and I can't stand it.  He's already gained 2 lbs, at 2 weeks.  He's a champ nurser, a fantastic sleeper, a cuddling master, and I just love him!!!  I'm not a big fan of the whole "good baby" concept, as I don't think sleeping for long stretches and not crying makes a baby better than one who doesn't sleep for long and has colic, but honestly, this little man is such a good baby! He gets his ability to sleep from me: he can do it anywhere and at anytime.  Okay, he's only 2 weeks old, it's likely to change, but I'll revel in it while I can.

Oh ya, and he molted.  That's right, check out his face.  It started at his chin, and spread like wild fire.  But, now that that layer of skin has come off, he's quite handsome, if I do say so myself. I just hope he's not like a snake and molts every time he grows. 

 I do wish that he'd find those fingers more often.  They sure keep him happy!

This was his first car seat ride, when he was a week old.  It was strange not having some random nurse tighten and fit the car seat for me, but somehow I managed.  He sure isn't a big fan of being buckled in, but since he's only ever awake for a few minutes at a time, as long as I nurse him before, he is usually out pretty quickly.

I haven't caught it on film (or memory card, if you will) yet, but I swear, this boy is already smiling.  And not just gas smiles, but looking straight at us and grinning.  He did it first at 9 days.  He especially loves Eli and will smile wholeheartedly at him.  I love it.  When he's not smiling, he's usually quite pensive.   

Silas is a firm believer in co-sleeping.  When I a need him to, Silas will sleep with his "Baby Bra-der" quite happily.  Seriously, aren't they adorable!

And, this is a weird one, but I'm planning on taking a picture of him every week for his first year just to document how he grows.  Check him out!

Don't worry, I will tell you all just as soon as we pick a name.  I think we're getting closer... maybe.  Eli's voting for Thunder and Crossbow, and Silas insists on Baby Bra-der - Jared and I are less sure. Soon, I promise. 


  1. I just love him! He is gorgeous and wonderful!!! I just want to squish him!!

  2. you need to post more often! i love the last pic with the stuffie. he looks soo cute! i need to come for a visit, and see this little guy again!!


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