07 April 2012

Happy Easter Bunny Day

Easter is so much fun!  Not nearly as much stress as Christmas, but almost as much excitement for my littles.  We asked the Easter Bunny to come on this morning (Saturday), instead of Easter Sunday, so that we could focus on the Saviour on Sunday morning instead of candy.  So, last night before we went to bed we set out a plate of bunny goodies, left a thank you note, and hoped for the best.

This morning Eli was up with the sun begging to go out and see if the Easter Bunny came.  We made him wait until Silas woke and Jared took the dogs out (we are watching Renee's puppy for her this week.)  Finally we opened the flood gates bedroom door and let him go wild.  The Easter Bunny was more brilliant than I would have been, and instead of leaving loads of candy scattered throughout the house (although there was a bit of candy...) he hid Lego and Duplo!  I'll tell you what, it did not disappoint one bit.  Eli quickly figured out that the Lego was for him and the Duplo for Silas, and off they went.  And, for the last hour, creativity has been at it's max in our living room!

My favourite thing about our new Lego obsession: Jared is just as into it as the boys.  Seriously.  I don't know the rules of conduct surrounding Lego, but Jared is quick to inform me.  Apparently the different sets need to be separated, with instructions kept, and played with carefully.  Who knew?

I must say, despite my lack of Lego-ing knowledge, I do appreciate just how captivating and creative it is.  I can't think of many other things that can keep Eli's attention for quite as long, and in such a great way.  I will admit it, I love the Easter Bunny, and I love Lego!

And, the most wonderful thing about "Easter Bunny Day" being today, is that tomorrow we will be able to focus on Easter and what it really means: celebrating Christ, his atonement and resurrection, and our devotion to him. 


  1. The Eadter bunny came to our house last night too! Love the Lego idea. Happy Easter!

  2. I can't believe how muscular Eli has gotten in the last few months! WOW~ those pjs really show his 6 pack!


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