30 April 2012

Boys in Suits

Whoever says that boys are not fun to dress obviously just needs to find a neck tie the size of my thumb, match it with a pink argyle dress shirt and put it on their two week old.

Honestly, I could not have handsomer boys.  They are darling.  I didn't, however, get to hear anyone ooh and aah over the baby at church, because Jared kept stealing him from me!


  1. awhh, i love that pic. your boys are all so cute. but i dont think any of them look alike. i thought "noname" looked like eli when he was born, but i dont think he does in this pic!!!

  2. So cute Jenny!! Your boys are adorable!! I'm excited for the boy outfits too!! There are so many studly clothes out there! Where did you find the dress shirt?! so cute!!

  3. wow they're so cute! Guess I should consider getting some tie's ;p And dang Silas is a little Jared!


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