21 July 2011

Things that POP

Well, the day after this beautiful lady has had her perfect child, I am finally posting about the baby shower that we had for her a few weeks ago. The theme was, Things That Pop, and we decorated with all the things that we could think of that POP!  Alice, Holly, Chloe and I spent all day popping pop corn, making lollypop bouquets and Popsicles and the like. It was so much fun to celebrate with Mindy.  

And, yesterday I got to be there when Mindy POPPED and brought her sweet baby boy into the world. It was incredible and amazing, and I was so blessed to have been there!  Welcome to the world, little man!


  1. I would KILL for some of that candied popcorn! Grandma's recipe, right?? Mmm!

  2. @The Pratts

    It's totally Grandma's recipe. We called her that morning for it. She told us to make sure we didn't change ANYTHING, because she'd tried it all, and exactly what it was was the very best. She was right!

  3. Can I get that recipe- it looks delicious!

  4. This should be posted somewhere that lots of people can see it. We (you really) are brilliant!


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