18 August 2011

Oh where, oh where, has my little Jenny gone?

Here I am.  Remember last summer when I dropped off the face of the earth for 4 weeks?  Well, apparently it's epidemic!  You see, while I think my summers are worth green-eyed envy from everyone around me, I don't do a whole lot of anything.  Unless you call sitting on the lawn at my parents' cabin blog worthy...

So, until something more exciting happens to me besides my tan getting darker, I leave you with a few pictures to prove to you that I'm still alive, and I'll see you in a few.

First of all, Sandpoint, Idaho, and all that is wonderful there:

 Grandpa Fatboy giving a lesson on proper knife use, after Chase carved his palm off, necessitating a little living room surgery.

 Classic Evans pic:

And then onto the Wiebe cabin in the Shuswap.  A week full of knitting, quilting, girl power and good food. :


  1. Love your blog Jenny! And love all of the pics. Wow, there are lots of cousins the same it looks like. So much fun! Now I am homesick.

  2. Hooray for lazy summers! I've got some good pictures of Shuswap that I need to get to you.

  3. how awesome to have all those cousins around the same ages! I LOVE that pic of your folks sleeping on the swing... especially your dad sleeping while sitting up with his arm up, priceless! That's what summers are all about, swimming and family, enjoy!
    Amy VH

  4. Hahaha that first pic of Eli is priceless!!!!!


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