11 July 2011

Cap'n Eli's Buccaneer Party

Okay, I promise, this is the very last pirate birthday post.  Seriously, can you believe how ridiculous we have been?  Still, it's been fun, and Eli has loved every minute of it, and that makes me happy.

Back home in Calgary we decided that we would share all the pirating fun with our friends and family in Calgary.

Because of a postal strike in Canada we had to send out invites on Facebook.  While not nearly as cute as I might have done (not saying I would have...) here's the wording for our invite:

Ahoy Matey Ye be invited to Cap'n Eli's Buccaneer Bash to celebrate his 4 years of sailing! Chart your course for: Eli's Ship, on July 9th, dressed in your best pirate garb. We be meetin' at: 1 pm fer some swashbuckling fun, grub and kiddie spirits! Raise yer flag if ye be attending. Sees ye thar, or we'll throw you to Davey Jones' Locker.......Arrgghh!

So, the crowds came over and the party began.

Searching for booty!

This little guy was probably the cutest pirate there.  I was there when he was born just a few months ago. I love him!!!

Popping the ball and chains.

Make that scallywag walk the plank!

The Bung Hole. 

And no pirate party would be complete without a pirate cake.  

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