18 August 2014

Today's the Day

Please Note: I wrote the following blog post, and about 5 more very much like it, over 7 months ago. For some reason, despite the joy we have found in our family, I have had a hard time pushing publish.  There is a level of privacy that I'm worried about breaching, but it's also something that is so intensely personal and raw, that it is hard to share at all.  I've been so inspired by other bloggers as they have shared their experiences through adoption, and I'd like to say that I will share our entire journey, but feel that I have to do so slowly and carefully.  

For some reason I think I should start this post with all the excuses why I am a terrible blogger. I want to tell you how busy this year has been; how stressed I've felt constantly since forever ago; how desperately I want the next
3-6 months6 months to a year to fly by. I want to explain the inefficiencies that Jared and I have witnessed at the hand of the "system" and the frustrations that that has brought on our family, and those it's meant to protect. 

But, despite all that, all I want to do is sing!  I want to praise God!  I want to shout from the roof tops that, as of this morning, this sweet little girl, whom we've loved for so long, is OURS!!!

Meet the newest member of the Wiebe clan.

She is the sweetest, most wonderful, amazing 9-year-old we've ever met, and we are so lucky to have her as part of our family.


  1. So is so beautiful and looks as though she has always been with you. I hope you do share more as you are comfortable. I, for one, am always curious of others adoption journeys. Congratulations!


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