18 February 2013

Love Day

 I know Valentines Day is over, but I did want to share my cute wreath before I take it down and put it away for another year. I had my Christmas wreath still up at the beginning of February, so I decided I had better replace it before Valentine's Day. I went on Pinterest to find a brilliant idea and headed to Michael's with a vision of the greatest Valentine's wreath EVER.  The problem with having your heart set on something you see on Pinterest is that somehow other people have access to materials that no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to find.  I had three wreaths in mind and I couldn't find anything to make them with.  So, mustering all my creativity (not really), I bought a pre-made heart wreath and a wooden dowel and headed for home. At least I'd get something up before Valentine's Day was gone.  I painted the dowel white and while it dried I made the heart arrow and feather out of felt.  I cut out the heart, hand stitched with embroidery floss all around it, except for where the dowel would go in, stuffed in a little bit of polyfill, and squeezed in some white glue to stick it to the dowel.  Then I popped it on the end of the dowel and  jabbed the dowel through the wreath.  To finish it off I glued the "feather" onto the other end of it.  Perhaps not the masterpeice I had envisioned, but I promise that it was better than leaving the Christmas wreath on for another month!

Okay, this picture is only wonderful because of my sweet Silas hiding in the window.  Love that boy!


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