12 February 2013

I'm not good at this growing up stuff

Eli lost his first baby tooth on Sunday, and I somehow felt like I lost a bit of something, too.  There goes a bit more of my baby, you know?  It was exciting though. It happened just as we were trying to rush out the door like mad men, because Jared was speaking in church; but, you can't rush a moment like that.  So, we stopped for a minute to celebrate, we carefully put the tooth in a safe place, took a quick picture of his new gaping smile, and then rushed like raging lunatics to get to church.  Jared walked up to the pulpit just as the meeting began.

Seeing as this is my first child's first tooth, we don't have a lot of knowledge of the comings and goings of tooth fairies.  We didn't want the tooth to get lost under his pillow, or for the tooth fairy to wake Silas up, whom Eli shares a bed with, so we put the tooth in a jar on the bedside table.  Then Eli decided he had better write her a letter to leave with the tooth, just so she knew who's it was and how appreciative he was that she would give him money.

He's getting so good at writing, and is always excited for an excuse to write anything.

On the inside he wrote: "I wish I could see you."  So sweet.

 And, when he woke up in the morning, not only did the Tooth Fairy leave him money ($5!!!) but she also left behind something magical blue and sparkly in the tooth jar, and a tiny note, just for Eli.  We knew she came in through the window, because there were sparkles all over the window sill with tiny foot prints in them. 

On the back of the note it said that loosing your first tooth is a special thing, and that's why this time he got five dollars.  What a lucky, toothless boy!


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