20 January 2013

Catching Up

I started blogging almost three years ago. We were living in Spokane, Washington, in a dirty little duplex, for only four months. We drove home to Calgary almost every weekend while we were there (because compared to Michigan, an eight hour drive to make Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's was nothing).  We didn't unpack anything.  We lived out of boxes, with our mattress on the floor, and folding chairs and a plastic table to eat upon.  It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Spokane is really a lovely place.  I met some incredible women and we had a lot of fun while we were there.  Still, I did find myself with a bit of time on my hands, and so this blog was born in my boredom.

Last night the boys and I spent an hour or so checking out those early posts, gooing over how cute Silas was as a baby, and how much Eli has grown.  It's no secret that I don't handle my kids aging with much grace, so it was actually a little sad for me.  Still, while I've become one of those annoying bloggers who never updates, I sure am grateful that I have documented what I have, because my journal writing and scrapbooking and any other memory keeping skills are even worse than my blog skills these days.

It did make me think about all the moments that have passed in the last few months that I have not documented anywhere, that, if I don't get down somewhere, will be lost forever.  Like, for instance, the rest of our Summer Adventure Journal.  Adventure we did! I even took pictures to prove it.  I need to write it down so in three more years we can look back and enjoy it all over again.  Or, when Jared was called to The Bar and became a real lawyer.  Or, when the Calgary Temple was completed and I got to take so many of my friends through the open house to learn a little more about what I believe, and when I got to go through with my boys and Jared and sit together there and get a glimpse of what heaven will be like. Or when Jared's parents left on their mission in Halifax, and how exciting it is for us to talk about them, and pray for them, and learn from their great example.  I can go on and on, but instead I'm going to try really hard to catch up on some of these important events, the things I want to remember, the things I want to be able to look at down the road and enjoy. So bear with me for the next bit while I play catch up.  It won't take long, and it might not entertain much, but get over it, this is my blog!


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