05 May 2012

For the record, the WINNER is...

Remember when I asked you to guess when baby would be here? 

Well, in case you were wondering who guessed the best..

Cheryl and Alice both won. 

Alice guessed: Boy, April 13, 8lb 8oz. Bald.
And Cheryl guessed: April 10, female, 8 pds

He Who Must Not Be Named was: Boy, April 11, 8 lbs 2 oz.  

What did you win? My love and adoration!  Yeah for you two!


  1. I think the prize should be that he be named Cheryl Alice Wiebe, after the 2 winners!

  2. I like that suggestion. Cheryld or cheraldo would also do. (Was it me Cheryl or your mom Cheryl?) I think it was me- and I was certain he would be a girl....

  3. Ha, pretty good! I want raw goodies as a prize please!


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