31 August 2010

Felt Crowns

I finally finished adding the elastic to these crowns that I started in the Spring.  My favourite is the tree, but Eli likes his "Super Eli" crown.  There was one more that I forgot today when we went to play with the Russells, so Mari didn't get to wear the pink one. Too bad for her. As I left with these three Andy suggested that I just make a whole bunch for them so that we didn't need to bring them when we came to visit.  I'm glad he's watching out for me! 
PS Get a load of Charlie's shirt.  It's rad!


  1. haha, when i looked at that first pic, i thought who is that kid in black. oh its char.
    cute crowns. you should just make a bunch of them and leave them at my house too.

  2. You should open an etsy store so that in all your spare time you can fill it with creativity for uncrafty blog fans to buy...just sayin...


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