30 August 2010

But don’t they know that I am free, Every time I climb a tree?

Eli came running in today and excitedly declared, "Mommy, there's a tree out there that is for boys to climb in!"

"That awesome! Why don't you go climb in it then?"

"Well, because it is a tree that mommies need to help the boys get into."

So, the vacuum got put down for a very important apple tree climbing operation.  And, boy oh boy, did he love it!  And do I ever love my boy!

His baby brother watched from the grass.


  1. You've been busy with your updates! I've loved catching up. Looks like a fun summer all around, and these pics are so cute. :)

  2. It totally looks like Silas has a frog in his hand, and that he's about to eat it!

  3. It is. It's his lunch.

    Either that, or a piece of wood.

    With my boys, you never know.


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