24 February 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

I’ve heard of terrible things happening to some mommas when they are home alone without daddies. You know, the common terrors of stay-at-home moms: bad guys lurking behind couches, scary monsters hiding in the closet, ceaselessly dripping taps and inconsolable babies. Well, I have the fortunate blessing of being protected by my very own Space Ranger. That’s right, I am the grateful recipient of the devotion of Buzz Lightyear - Space Ranger. Some may be surprised to hear this, because you may not have seen him when you are around, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: Buzz moonlights as my eldest son, Eli. But don’t be fooled, when I need him, Buzz is here to laser the bad guys and perform other necessary acts of rescue. His space ranger training is so advanced that sometimes when we are going out of the house for the day he knows his services will be needed and dons his uniform so that he will be ready to ward off the dangers of the world. His presence is so formidable, that I have yet to be bothered by any bad guys while grocery shopping or picking up my dry cleaning. And the best part is, he is willing to be paid in macaroni and repeated viewings of his favourite film, which happens to be Madagascar at the moment. I would offer his services out to other moms in danger, but Buzz has reminded me time and time again that he is my boy and doesn’t want to be anyone else’s boy. So, hopefully other mothers will be blessed with their very own Space Rangers, Batmans, Spider Mans and other good guys, because I assure you, my day is so much better for having Buzz near.


  1. I wish you lived closer then buzz and super Ruby could have a madagascar day while we shopped.... oh how I miss the shopping....

  2. Me too! You are my first follower! I should have hosted a giveaway. You would have won... something awesome.

  3. Tell Buzz that his buddy Spiderman takes me grocery shopping every now and then too!


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