25 February 2010

A Picture a Day keeps Resentment Away

My little sister just got married.  She married the most wonderful, romantic, caring, amazing (did I mention wonderful?) man in the world.  We love them both!  Anyway, protocol dictated that she make a super cute slideshow, following her and her sweetheart through their childhood, teenage years, and short sojourn as young single adults, with the big finale of the very few pictures that they have of them together, since they were engaged for like, a minute.  I actually didn’t get to see the finished product, because my dad was sick of standing in the line-up shaking hands all night, and couldn’t stand one more thing on the program, so axed it at the last minute.  Sad. 

Anyway, the point of telling this tale is to make a point, I swear.  You see, when Chloe was collecting the pictures for her super cute slideshow she was astounded to discover just how few pictures there were of her. Like every other 7th child, she found, that despite what a beautiful child she was, there was very little photographic evidence to prove it.  I, of course, offered the picture of her at age 3 that found its way into my super cute wedding slideshow (I guess I must have been just as beautiful, since my own mother couldn’t tell us apart at age three, even though there is 8 years between us, and at age 3 I would have been wearing some awful brown, while Chloe was wearing neon pink, blue and yellow.) 

Due to the wonderful emergence of digital photography, I probably have as many photos of the first 5 months of Silas’ life than there are of Chloe’s entire childhood. Still, I think I have about half as many pictures of Silas than I did of Eli at this point in his life.  And, more often than not, if the camera does come out, it is to take even more pictures of Eli.  It seems that drooling just isn’t as exciting the second time around (I have an uncanny amount of pictures of Eli drooling, which is about all that babies do at 5 months old.)

"After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to..." (King Julien the Thirteenth, self proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs) make a New Blog Resolution!  My resolution, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, is to take a picture of each boy every single day.  I’ll admit that not every picture will be fabulous, but at least then I will have a greater chance of having a few fabulous pictures of each stage of their lives.  So, the pictures you see here were taken at the quilting store, with my phone, but taken none the less.  I’m not going to post the pictures every day, but every once in a while I will, just to prove that I have not abused the power of the New Blog Resolution, which power, I’m sure I will discover, is immense!

See you later, Crocodile!


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