30 June 2014

The Afternoon Knows - A Knitting Pattern

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. 
― Robert Frost

Sometimes I dream of having the insight of my older self.  Hopefully it would mean that the worries of today would be so much less worrisome. 

One thing I LOVE about designing knitwear is that when I have a vision for the perfect sweater, I can go with that inspiration and come up with something exactly like I want it.  

I love this one!  I've called it: The Afternoon Knows, and it's another old man sweater to match Grow Old With Me. The double thick collar and the oversized fit make it comfy and cozy, while the worsted weight yarn it's knit with make it a quick and enjoyable knit. 

You have got to go over to Ravelry and check out all the projects of other knitters, because they are so beautiful:

Seriously, knit this one right now! You will love it. To purchase the pattern, all you have to do is click >>>>>>>>>>>> 


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