03 August 2012

Adventure Journal 2012 - Frank Slide

For some bizzaro reason I decided it would be a good idea to load up all three boys and drive to the cabin all by myself to "relax" there, all by myself, for two whole weeks.  Guess what?  Being alone with three kids at a remote cabin in Idaho is not necessarily relaxing.  Cabin fever anyone?  I was very happy when Alice and her family showed up with her kids and offered mine some distraction.

Anyway, as a survival technique, on the way to the cabin we went through the Crowsnest Pass in Southern Alberta and stopped to climb over the rocks of the infamous Frank Slide. It was too late to go to the visitors center, but frankly (no pun intended) the boys were just as happy to play on the rocks.

For some reason, my lasting memory of visiting the Frank Slide when I was little is buying black rock candy at the gift shop. Does the fact that my only memory 20 plus years later is of the food?  Hmmm... we'll save that thought for later.

There is really nothing there but a whole pile of rocks (enough to cover a whole town) so really this is just an excuse to show you pictures of my darling littles.

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  1. Oh that Mr. Atticus! He is seriously SO darling! Good work Wiebes!


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